poppies, california, icelandic, sleeve, color tattoo

Poppy sleeve! Text by another artist.

southern live oak, quercus virginiana, branch, leaves, acorns

Danielle’s Southern Live Oak. Also known as Quercus Virginiana.

oak, branch, leaves, acorns, coast live oak, quercus agrifolia

Michael’s Coast Live Oak branch. Also known as Quercus Agrifolia.

honeypot, ants, color, insect, tattoo, bugs, honey,

Honeypot ants!!

georgia, o'keefe, paiting, duplication, dots, poppies

Georgia O’ Keeffe painting mashup.

Duplication of a painting (with permission) by Toni Hayden in the U.K. More of her work at

nasturtium, paiting duplication

Another angle of the duplication by Toni Hayden. I love this angle. We have changed the little seed bud into a holder for some blue and purple space!

duplication, space, darkness

Cutie patatooti darkness critter. A lovely duplication/added extra space bits from @emmayarlett’s art in her book ‘Orion and the Dark’.

Before, with the stencil already over it. I had this client do quite a few lightening sessions before we began working.

chest coverup, tattoo

After. I’m truly happy how this coverup turned out. Cosmos, a peony, and some nasturtium.

strawberries, blueberries, food tattoo,

This was a much bigger piece of fruits and veggies, but it was around lots of tattoos I didn’t do. Here’s a shot I love of the strawberries and a blueberry and a teeny bit of the asparagus stems.

Magnolia. Folded up it makes a beautiful shape on the inner and outer arm.

black poppies, poppies, leaves, black tattoos

Black poppies!

found flower botanical color tattoo

Garden find.

roses botanical watercolor abstract tattoo

This piece includes peonies, roses, leaves, a tulip, and a bee.

coverup color grey tattoo

Botanical coverup.

botanical tattoo duplication color

Warbler, Mariposa Lilies, Peony, Queen Anne’s Lace, Dodo bird drawing duplication, Elderberry and Clarkia.

jacaranda branch color tattoo

Jacaranda branch.

scar coverup william morris color

Forearm scar coverup with William Morris inspired tattoo. Before photo by Hayley Dyer.

lavender botanical duplication

Lavender painting duplication.

color realism detail

Bees knees sitting.

bees knees

Bees knees standing.

iris botanical tattoo leg stems


 tattoo on my torso of a dog skull (grey scale) with colored flowers dogwood and dahlias

Torso tattoo of a dog skull surrounded in dogwoods and dahlias.

rice plant growth tattoo foliage


flowers dogwoods chicory azalea

Dogwoods, Azalea and chicory.

gladiolas botanical color tattoo


columbine duplication cancer scar coverup tattoo

Truly proud of this scar coverup I completed in June 2016. It’s a duplication of a Wild Columbine print from 1921.


ocean surfers waves color tattoo

Ocean scene. Surfers included.

disco ball space color starts

Disco ball in space.

magnolia color tattoo abstract bee flower

Magnolia on inner and outer arm. Abstractly done using green hues only and using the skin as a highlight.  Multiple views.

flowers color tattoo foliage

Botanical bundle.


This lovely piece is a tribute to my client’s daughter and her birthplace Trinidad and Tobago. Two sea turtles (hawksbill and baby leatherback), hummingbirds (white-necked Jacobin and a male black-throated Mango) and flowers (Bird of Paradise, orchids and hibiscus.)


transformation coverup

Progression shots of this branch transformation. The first one on the top left is what my client came in with from another tattooist.

nasturtiums tattoo color

Nasturtium tattoo on the famous Emily McDowell!

duplication sarasteele

Duplication of a Sara Steele watercolor painting. To see more of her work visit

quince tattoo botanical

quince color botanical

Quince branch on upper arm/shoulder.

watercolor duplication color

Watercolor hummingbird painting duplication on this mother and daughter. They are the granddaughter and daughter-in-law of my 96 year old pal, Natalie, that passed away in 2016.

caterpillar color realistic

Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar on ankle.

owl color

Owl on upper arm!

koi realistic color

Koi on upper arm.

wild flowers botanical

Wildflowers on a client all the way from Texas!

succulent blackandgrey realism

Succulent backpiece. Black and grey.


hoya carnosa flower botanical

Hoya Carnosa completion on upper shoulder.

dahlia bee color botanical

dahlia bee duplication painting color


Dahlia plus bee painting duplication on inner arm and forearm.

Madrone tattoo color botanical realism

Madrone branch wrap around on hip!

nudibranchs kelp sea realism

Nudibranchs and kelp on upper back and shoulder.

ginkgo branch color realistic botanical

Ginkgo branch on ankle.

butterfly chrysalis color tattoo realism

Chrysalis photo duplication. Original photo by William Chu. You can find more of his work on Instagram @imjustabill..

watercolor jellyfish color tattoo

Watercolor jellyfish based on a picture the client brought in for me to work with.

battery hen realistic




The above 4 pictures are from a forearm tattoo I did. It is of a on a liberated battery hen sitting in some native California flowers and was inspired by the client’s experience interning at a sanctuary for farmed animals in Vacaville, California.

color sunflower duplication


This tattoo above this is based on this Monet painting. I changed some details and colors based on the client’s preferences.

roses color realistic botanical

Roses on upper arm. Black behind a botanical piece really brings out the foreground beauty.

hummingbird black_and_grey tattoo realistic bird wings shading

A hummingbird rendered in black, grey and white.

black and grey seed pods texture botanical

Duplication of M. Imai’s drawing: ‘Seeds of Morning Glory’.

magnolias color sleeve flower branch

Magnolia branch on the upper arm.

moth flying delicate green wings

Here is a luna moth flying from the upper shoulder. These winged creatures are the largest moths in North America!

roses lavender inner arm

An example of a botanical piece that is a bit hidden away when the arm is at rest against the body, and also done with very soft colors.

coverup color botanical flowers poppy background

This is a coverup that was very satisfying to complete.

turkey feather color tattoo leg soft

Turkey feather on Michelle’s calf! We worked directly from a feather she brought in and tried to incorporate as many of the dots, lines and patterns that actually show up on these feathers. Super fun tattoo.

black shapes sage leg

Blackwork sage silhouette on the outer calf.

duplication color painting

This piece was a coverup, inspired by a Georgia O’Keefe painting. We needed to change a few things so that the older piece could be covered up, as well and lightened up one of the pansies to make the piece a bit softer.

fish koi arm swim fauna

Koi swimming in the inner arm/forearm area.

leaves fall sleeve edges botanical

leaves sleeve fall branch

Japanese Maple branch half sleeve.

flower botanical color shading leaves

Magnolias on the lower back covering up an older tattoo. We kept this piece simple in terms of color, but still very much a realistic botanical piece.

painting duplication girl

Painting Duplication.

leaves front little

Boston Ivy trailing down inside of the arm and front of chest. They start out so small as they grow to cover buildings!

boston ivy leaves fall

Boston ivy sleeve. Leaf detail is a true delight to focus on in a tattoo.


Rainbow chard on forearm. Food tattoo!!!


Sweet peas on forearm.

magnolia blossoms pink buds

Magnolia Backpiece.

birds small pink blossoms

Botanical backpiece of little birdies and blossoms.

spider taratula

Tarantula tattoo on forearm.

pink back tattoos orchids

This is a botanical tattoo of orchids across the left hand side of the back.

poison ivy watercolor color vines duplication leaves itchy

This is a watercolor painting duplication of some poison ivy that Mathew brought in to me. We made it a little less busy, and then added some greens in the background for consistentcy. A super fun piece to work on!

pony horse kid clouds purple sky

My Little Pony tribute to client’s own life long love for horses. Specifically, her own horse.

weed flower lace black lines delicate

This piece is based off of my client’s love for Queen Anne’s Lace.

berries painting stem vine

Blackberry painting duplication. Lovely little piece on my client’s lower back.

Botanical Duplication

This botanical duplication was from two collaged paintings brought in by my client. She had an older tattoo that was right in the center of the current image and we darkened those lines, as well as added color. Then I created the collaged painting duplication to surround that older work and create a finished piece.

Ant Tattoo

This piece was based on my clients experience with them crawling across her feet as she worked. They became an integral part of her life experience and she decided to have them continue to crawl and carry their leaf and flower parts with them.

Buffalo Color Tattoo Painting Duplication

This tattoo is a duplication of a buffalo painting brought in. It is an almost exact rendering except taking out a bit of green and changing some of the details to make it a tattoo that will look good in the years to come.

flowers botanical background duplication color tattoo divingswallow


This botanical duplication was based on a piece brought in. I was extremely inspired with this painting. Rendering the colorful nuances was fun, and I added some black in the background to really push those flowers into the foreground.

Color Tattoo Blackberries leaves vines

This is a Blackberry vine painting Duplication. The wrap from her back to the top of her shoulder to the front of her shoulder allows the tattoo to have a lot of movement.

poppies color tattoo art nouveau movement forearm

This is an Art Nouveau inspired poppy tattoo placed on my client’s forearm.

Gardenia and Lavender coverup on the lower back. This piece inspired my drawing on the Art page titled, "Botanically Spaced."

A Gardenia and Lavender coverup on the lower back. This piece inspired my drawing on the Art page titled, “Botanically Spaced.”


space tattoo stars animal spirit color constelations

This sleeve is based on my dear friend’s spirit animals as constellations, and we surrounded them in space. References taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. I love tattooing space!

Sweet pea flowers and pods on shoulder and upper back

This is a sweet pea vine, with pea and flowers included. A lot of clients love this plant because of the curling tendrils, which twine around supporting plants and structures helping the sweet pea to climb.

Orange Dahlia flower on chest

Here is an orange Dahlia flower on the chest. While doing this tattoo, I learned that Dahlias are related to the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum and zinnia.


This is a Manzanita branch on the upper arm and reaching over onto the upper back. We included the leaves and berries, and really tried to highlight the incredible branch texture that most of these trees have. Featured in Plant Healer– a digital magazine–on 3/3/14.

botanical sleeve butterfly manzanita poppy

After getting the Manzanita branch, Molly decided to add a butterfly, some bees, and a few poppies to the inside of her arm. The addition really moves your eye around the arm.

Glaucus atlanticus, blue sea slug, or Nudibranch!

This is a Glaucus atlanticus, blue sea slug, sea swallow, blue angel, or Nudibranch! They are usually such small creatures, but to get all the detail of their little feet and body we changed the size. One of the creatures they feed on is the Portuguese Man o’ War , and are able to swallow the venomous nematocysts from them and store it in the extremities of its finger-like cerata (their finger like extremities).

Warbler and blossoms

This draped peach blossom branch has a sweet little Warbler perched on the top of it.

Peonies on lower back

Peonies! A really beautiful flower to work on. This lower back piece actually began with a coverup that is underneath the biggest flower on the bottom.

Older tattoo underneath big flower

Here is a closeup of the flower with the coverup. I had the client get a few sessions of laser lightening so that we were able to go over it a little easier.

roses oil abstract duplication

This was my first painting duplication and was really what inspired me to continue to concentrate on them. This particular painting was a client’s grandmother’s roses oil painting, After she passed away, my client wanted to honor her grandmother and have it put onto her upper arm. I used different colors for the outline, which works in this piece as the dark green shapes around the roses help to pop them into the foreground.

magnolia, leaves, color, botanicalThis is a coverup we did with some big beautiful Magnolias and their leaves. My client requested that the piece be a little different then are normally colored. I love how this piece turned out!

color candy duplication tattoo

I truly enjoyed tattooing this duplication Feliz Gozalez-Torres candies from Untitled (Portrait of Ross in LA), 1991. Featured in


A single poppy on the hip. Because these flowers are so light in color, bringing in some shadow from darker colors gives the petals more dimension.


Goose! This piece is grandly shown on my client’s back. It had to be large enough to properly show all its long feathers and color variants.

tree owl tattoo color coverup

Backpieces truly do lend themselves to animals in their habitats. This owl is perched on a Douglas fir branch, complete with leaves and cones. It also doubles as a coverup.

douglas fir tattoo

The branch then drops a smaller branch and some leaves down onto her upper arm.

avocado tattoo

Avocados. Food tattoos are such a delight to do. We all spend so much of our time decided what to put in our body, it seems only natural to spend some time honoring some of your favorites on the outside. If you have a favorite food item, processed or fresh, I would love to tattoo it on you. Here are some ideas I’ll suggest. Hamburgers, tomatoes on their vine, a few mushrooms, a stack of pancakes, or even a sliced kiwi.

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