The projects below are available for 2018. Email if interested:



AVAILABLE for duplication on Feb 14th!  An illustration from 1917 of Phoradendron leucarpum, American Mistletoe. Email with subject line–Mistletoe.

peach, roses, beauty, botanical, flowers.

AVAILABLE for duplication. Picture and arranging by Madison Hartley in Oregon @hart_floral. Email with subject line–peach.

orange, belizian, flowers, botanical, belize,

AVAILABLE. Email with subject line–orange.

mataruda, duplication, cactus wren, native species

AVAILABLE for duplication. Artist Mata Ruda @mataruda has given permission for this painting ‘Amenaza/Amenazada (Threat/Threatened)’ to be duplicated on a client. This piece “depicts a woman from Mexico, a nellie pincushion cactus (escobaria minima), and a cactus wren (campylorhynchus brunneicapillus) all native species threatened in their own habitats and native environment by the proposed plans by the Trump administration of a more secure border wall.” Email with subject line–mataruda duplication.

sorren, paiting, duplication, painter, joe

AVAILABLE for duplication. Painter Joe Sorren @joesorren gave permission to duplicate this piece–‘Feather Shirt and Branches’–on one client. Email with subject line–Sorren duplication.

green, heron, photography, duplication

AVAILABLE for duplication. Photographer Jeffrey P. Karnes @jeffreypkarnesphoto gave permission to duplicate this Green Heron on one client. Email with subject line–green heron duplication.

onion, paiting, duplication

AVAILABLE for duplication. Artist David Cheifetz @davidcheifetz gave permission to tattoo his purple onion oil painting on one client. Email with subject line–purple onion duplication.

nunzio, painting, duplication, tree, animal, earth,death

AVAILABLE for duplication. Artist Nunzio Paci @nunziopaci in Italy gave me permission to tattoo this on one client.)


AVAILABLE for duplication. Artist Lauren Brevner @laurenbrevner from Vancouver B.C. gave me permission to tattoo her beautiful painting titled ‘Divine Skin’ on a client. Email me with subject line–Brevner duplication.

citrus, duplication, orange, food

AVAILABLE for duplication. Citrus waiting by Deborah Grissom Passmore. (1840-1911) Email with subject line–citrus.

AVAILABLE. I’ve gotten permission from @christellerocks to tattoo one of her photographs, and I choose this one! Email with subject line–cascading tomatoes.

AVAILABLE. Orange peel fungus up for grabs. Email with subject line–Orange fungus.

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